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About Me

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember what it felt like on Christmas day when it was finally time to open those gifts placed under the tree just for you? This is how I feel about travel - whether it’s talking about travel, planning travel or even traveling myself!

I am the wife to an amazing man that brings out the best in me and pushes me to strive for more, which is how Show Me Travel began. Growing up I never traveled. I grew up in a large family and my parents put every hard earned dime they made back into providing for us. I don't know precisely when the travel bug bit me but it was after I had raised both of my children and knew that I had the extra money to see the world and enjoy new cultures without feeling like I was taking away from them.

Locations I have traveled to includes: Aruba, Belize, Hawaii, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Germany, St Lucia, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, as well as countless trips within the states and to Mexico. It is my goal to never end a trip without having another one(or two) planned.

I began working as a travel advisor in January 2017. Since then I have planned honeymoons, birthday getaways, girlfriend retreats, group trips, anniversary vacations, cruises(both Alaskan & Caribbean), family trips and simple "we just need a vacation" holidays. I love helping you get away from the stress of every day life to make memories that will last a lifetime, all the while making it a stress free and simple process that leaves you with only needing to worry about what to pack.